Friday, September 5, 2008

One of Patsy's Favorite Pictures of Joe


Pam Blackburn said...

Share your stories here about did you first meet him, a story he told you, whatever....
it's easy and it's free to do.

Francesca Palazuelos said...

Joe and patsy were btoh my godparents. Didnt see them much but they were always there. When younger, we would always be invited to casa luna, were most of my brothers and my best childhood memories were created. Always full of love, energy and joy they would open their house and make us live magical experiences near the beach.
We will never forget tht smell of coffee and the taste of housemade ginger ale that they would do for us.

I loved joe so much, he meant so much to me. A best friend for my dad a great godfather for all of us. So charming, so funny, such a good person, such a good example to follow in so many ways.

We will always remember him with great respect, admiration and with lots of love.